Bugsolutely is a sponsor of “The Future of Protein“, an event which will be held at the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) Lab in  NY, a perfect venue for knowing the culture, history, science and commerce of food and drink.

Cricket Pasta is part of the program of the evening:

Plant, Animal, Insect | Past, Present, Future

June 28 – 7:00 PM
Museum of Food and Drink Lab – Brooklyn, NY
$125 / pp

The Menu-Story Arc 

– Course-Era #1 –
The Industrial Revolution
The Year 1850
“Wild Proteins” / When meat ran wild and free.

– Course-Era #2 –
The Green Revolution
The Year 1950
“The Industrial Protein Complex” / When more food was good food.

– Course-Era #3 –
Today, In Transition
The Year 2020
“Sustainable Hedonism” / The Steakhouse vs. The Planthouse

– Course-Era #4 –
Family Meal of the Future
The Year 2035
“Eating Insects: The New Normal” / Comfort food, reimagined

– Course-Era #5 – 
The Promise of Endless Protein
The Year 2065
“Feeding 10 Billion People” / The next frontier of protein production and consumption

Spanning three centuries – from our ancestors to our great-grandchildren – you will be part of a thought-provoking, multisensory journey featuring protein sources such as traditional wild and farmed animals, the emerging range of insects and algae, surprisingly rich fungi and fruits, as well as a glimpse of the innovation in engineered proteins, designed to minimize environmental impact while still delivering the eating experience we all love.


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