A unique event. Bangkok, October 25, 2016

“the Chef and the Bug. talking about insects. then eating them.” 


(AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

An introductory conference to the world of bugs as food, followed by a unique culinary experience. Hosted in the prestigious headquarter of the Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School (Silom/Sala Deng BTS and MRT stations). The event, organized by a group of volunteers (Wasaporn Chanput from Kasetsart University, Nathan Preteseille from AETS Consultants and Massimo Reverberi from Bugsolutely) is sponsored by the Delegation of the European Union, features the endorsement of the French Embassy and the help of the chefs from the Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School and from the Bugs Cafe (based in Siem Reap, coming directly from Cambodia for the event). The conversation will focus on subjects such as the current market for edible insects, nutritional qualities and sustainability of insects and the attendees, while the chefs prepare the dishes that the attendees will eat in the second part of the evening.


  • 15.30 registration 

  • 16.00 General info of insects and relevance to food security Assoc. Prof. Wiboon Chongrattanameteekul 

  • 16.20 Insects as food: a global picture. Nathan Preteseille

  • 16.30 Insects for food security, an example in LaosThomas Weigel

  • 16.50 Break – food tasting

  • 17.00 Insects as Food: acceptance, Dr. Patcharaporn Tinchan 

  • 17.10 Availability and Novel processing for insects supply chain,  Assoc. Prof. Weerachet Jittanit 

  • 17.20 Nutritional qualities of insects as affected by processing techniquesDr. Wasaporn Chanput 

  • 17.30 What bug products will make it to the supermarket shelves? Massimo Reverberi

  • 17.40  Break and food tasting

  • 17.50 Q&A 

  • 18.00 -18,30 cooking demonstration and final tasting


– Mediterranean feuilleté with ants
– Silkworm bouchée on wasabi foam
– Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta with Squids, Green Pepper & Lime
– Cricket variations: butter cream and crisp
– Bamboo worm chocolate mousse
– Tapioca pearl balls stuffed with savory silkworm
– Savory crispy crickets with water melon
– Samosas with spinach and feta cheese

Non-insect finger food will be available, too.

People allergic to crustaceans may also be allergic to crickets and other insects.
The website is in black and white because Thailand is mourning the loss of his majesty King Rama IX. The organisers grieve for this immeasurable loss for the Thai citizens.  


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